About Upra-Data™.

Taming & Tailoring algorithms to solve & enhance your problems.

We handle projects with varying degrees of complexity and nature. We build the fastest algorithms you need in your core layer : the engine. We use the latest of science.

Tests & Benchmarks available. @uprateam/contact

Engineering your ideas with current state-of-the-art maths & algorithms.

Location : Southern France & Paris

Our Services

When it comes to services, we address utmost concern to our work. We seek the highest quality in every respect. We meet deadlines. Our reputation and identity comes down to delivering accepted work in short amounts of time, yet with very high standards we set upon ourselves. In clear, we love what we do and we take pleasure doing it. We always keep in mind technical and schedule constraints, still chosing the best engineering solution we can imagine or create if it is not in the community literature and we have to.

What we offer

Apart from honing our skills with upradata's internal projects, we offer 3 kinds of services :

  1. Reverse engineering
  2. "Paper" solutions with complete study and implementation blueprints of your initial problem.
  3. full, coded and tested solution

Case number 1. is simple. Just like a painting artist, we take a good look at what the market contenders are doing. Then, we either provide a better solution, responding to the initial problem, or we find an improved alternative of the current algorithms/framework at hand.

Case number 2. means that we will give you a complete algirthm design, core implementation details, theoretical background, bibliography research, and all blueprints of the solution of the problem when we will also, review multiple ways to do it. Most of the time, there is more than one way to get an answer. We, of course, summarise in a table the perks vs disadvantages of such variations of project branches.

Who we are ? What we do ?

Upradata™ History

The team founders are engineers who enjoy Science deeply, not to mention solving tough problems. We come from different fields of expertise from which a collaboration has emerged around excellence. Bringing theory to life is both a contribution and a way to enhance user experience.

In practice, our venture is based on an essential bond of trust , maintaining an effective two-way communication and beneficial relationships.

In this endeavour, we consider there is a perfect line of development along open academic research and applied computing. This approach, unique among others, allows virtually full integration of recent results into product development. Our team produces featured programs and algorithms core-engines, simply thinking ahead. Spanning all of computer science to help us create new technological applications, we are, as ever-evolving pioneers, tough competition for novel markets.

Again, we just keep on interweaving software and pure science into applied artificial intelligence for every day life, thereby genuinely making it possible to raise human capabilities to higher scales. So to speak, Science reveals underlying processes and computing helps anticipate and precisely predict reality.

Cultural background

Upradata™ is working alongside worldwide universities. We reuse, compare, put together, enhance, create and in turn implement the best applied math, physics and computer science available coming directly from the last 25 to 30 years of research and development. We make it a principle to compare and review the state of the art R&D to stay at the cutting edge of technology and keep on being ahead of our time. To do so, we often redirect knowledge from its original theoretical purpose with user application in mind.

We turn out to always think ahead of existing material which we find is 5 to 10 years behind. Practically we try to pionner our technology in new markets with no competition. Instead we let others follow with a constant lag in development against our know-how. Upradata™ is both at the edge of top research level and immediate implementation of updated papers. We are a close team of passionate multi-skilled developers.

Thomas Milotti co-founder and Chief Executive Developer at Upradata™